Tiger Woods' Ex Elin Nordegren Wants Nothing to Do With Erica Herman's Lawsuit

Tiger Woods is once again embroiled in a nasty romantic split, this time with a $30 million lawsuit in the mix and talk about an alleged NDA. And despite the details between Woods and Erica Herman going in a far different direction, many can't help bringing up the golfer's marriage to Elin Nordegren and their eventful divorce back in 2010.

According to PEOPLE, a source shared Nordegren's feelings toward her ex's love life and the looming legal proceedings. According to the source, the golfer's ex has "no interest" in anything involving Woods.

"This aspect of Tiger's life is not her concern," the source tells PEOPLE. "She has no interest in his personal life or what happens with his various girlfriends. That part of her life was over a long time ago."

PEOPLE attempted to reach out to Woods and Nordegren, but were unsuccessful, according to their report. Despite the lack of care about his personal life, which is understandable, the source reveals the former couple has a cordial relationship these days.

"Elin and Tiger are on good terms for the sake of the children," the source alleged. "She would never go back with him but likes that he is a good father. She has seen that over the years which worked them into a good relationship. They co-parent pretty well.

"Of course, she needs to be very confident that the children are safe and happy around anyone that Tiger is with especially if the romance becomes serious," they added. "To that degree, she is very interested. But not on much else."

The source noted that most interactions between the former couple center on their children, Sam Alexis, 15, and Charlie Axel, 14, and little else. The former couple are not friends it would seem, they are far from the tension of their high-profile split.

"Compared to other couples who break up with kids this one has been smooth sailing for the most part," the source adds. "The kids have good lives with both parents and that says something about their maturity and ability to look aside from the past differences."