'Tiger King': Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Kirby Smart 'Couldn't Stomach' Netflix Show

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness has taken over the country due to its interesting story and a very interesting cast of characters. It has been the go-to show for many who are staying at home due to coronavirus pandemic. However, Kirby Smart, the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs football team, is one of the few who is not a fan of the Netflix docuseries. During a conference call on Tuesday, Smart talked about Tiger King and he said after watching the first two episodes, he couldn't watch anymore.

Smart said: "I was like dying for shows to watch while I was doing self-quarantine, and I got through two episodes, I just couldn't do it, man. I couldn't stomach it. And everybody continues to talk about it, but my patience wears thin. I'm looking for a little more plot, a little more - I don't know what the right word is. But that's not my cup of tea. I'll just say that. I'm more of the Ozark guy."

The good news for Smart is Season 3 of Ozark was just released. However, the Tiger King craze continues to rise as a TV show is in the works with Kate McKinnon set to play Carole Baskin, who is the owner of the zoo, Big Cat Rescue. Baskin is one of the people focused on the show, and she attempts to take down Joe Exotic, the then-owner of Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Baskin wanted Joe Exotic to stop breeding and killing Tigers, but she has taken heat for allegedly feeding her second husband to the Tigers over 20 years ago. Basking denied the claims, and she was never arrested for killing Jack Donald Lewis, who was last seen in 1997.

"There is no short, simple way to refute so many lies," she said in a statement. "If you do want to know the truth, it requires understanding the history of events in the years before my husband's disappearance and the roles and behaviors of the people interviewed in the series, which I have tried to do as concisely as I can below but still requires a few pages."


It looks like Smart won't finish Tiger King, but when it comes down to it, he would rather be with his team getting ready for the season. The Bulldogs have won at least 11 games the last three seasons and they have a chance to win the SEC this upcoming season.