'The Last Dance': Terrell Owens Calls out Shannon Sharpe Over Infamous Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James Debate

The Last Dance has been a favorite among NBA fans since the first two episodes aired on Sunday night. It created numerous conversations on social media as athletes and fans alike reacted to the documentary series. Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, however, used the opportunity to call out his fellow hall of famer in Shannon Sharpe.

Owens made several comments on Twitter on Sunday night in which he referenced Sharpe's belief that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player instead of Michael Jordan. Owens completely disagrees with this assessment and has no doubts in his mind that the former Chicago Bulls star is the best in NBA history. According to Owens, the first two episodes of ESPN's documentary series only further prove this to be true. If Sharpe doesn't agree, he can sit back and watch the remainder of the series.

Hey @ShannonSharpe! With ALL DUE RESPECT to [LeBron James] If not by the end of the 1st 2 episodes u don't recognize who the BEST basketball player EVER is then there r 8 more after 2nite!!!! Sit back, relax [and] enjoy GREATNESS!" Owens wrote. He also tagged Sharpe's co-host on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, Skip Bayless.

Owens was not done with that one tweet, however. He also referenced a comment from NBA legend Larry Bird in which he compared Jordan to God. The longtime Boston Celtics star had said that God was disguised as the six-time NBA champion, which Owens used as further Twitter ammunition against Sharpe.

"Hey @ShannonSharpe! Did u hear that statement by Larry Bird?!!! He said 'that was God disguised as Michael Jordan!!' Ok, u can take a couple sips of Henny now!!" Owens wrote on Sunday night. This comment elicited a number of reactions as several NBA fans called James the "GOAT" while others said that this opinion is only held by "non-hoopers."


Sharpe has made it very clear in recent years that he is a big fan of James. He has several No. 23 jerseys hanging in his home, and he has proclaimed that the Lakers' star has dealt with situations that Jordan never faced during his career. Specifically, Sharpe said that Jordan has never watched as his smallest comments were picked apart on social media. He believes that James has been doing this since he was 17 years old.

While Sharpe believes that James is the greatest player in the NBA, Owens vehemently disagrees. The opinions are also split on social media. Every basketball fan has an opinion on the matter, and it's unlikely that an agreement will ever be reached.