Michael Jordan Doc 'The Last Dance': What Fans Are Saying

After months of waiting, The Last Dance premiered on ESPN Sunday night, and fans got an in-depth look at Michael Jordan during his final year with the Chicago Bulls. The first two episodes were released, and along with looking at Jordan's final season in Chicago, it also took a look at his earlier days within the Bulls as well as his days playing at the University of North Carolina.

But did fans like the first two episodes of The Last Dance? Based on Twitter, the answer is a big yes. Fans begged ESPN to move up the release date of the docuseries from June due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to no sports being played. Because of no live sports, The Last Dance was something all fans could enjoy because it was something fresh instead of watching replays of past games. And the majority of the fans who loved the series were former and current NBA players. Dwyane Wade, Magic Johnson, and Baron Davis enjoyed the first two episodes, and there are ready for more.

ESPN analyst Dick Vitale and Kirk Herbstreit also weighed in. They loved watching Jordan in action because he was the most talented player on the court at that time. Herbstreit also mentioned that MJ's mentality is something that made him a legend. He wanted to win no matter what.


The Last Dance will also look at some of the other players on the roster including Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. In the second episode, Pippen talks about how he was severely underpaid, and he demanded a trade. Rodman was the best rebounder in the NBA at the time, but his on and off-the-court antics were a big issue with the Bulls.