Terrelle Pryor 'Luckily Still Breathing' After Horrifying Bike Crash

Former NFL quarterback and wide receiver Terrelle Pryor was involved in a scary bike accident Thursday morning. He posted photos and videos of the accident on his Instagram Story and revealed that he flipped his bike twice. Fortunately, Pryor was able to escape with no serious injuries.

In a comment from one of the IG Stories, Pryor wrote: "Flipped twice from this dumb a— car chipping me." He also said: "Luckily, still breathing and a scratch." TMZ reached out to Pryor and said, "Yeah, I'm cool." He also revealed that he's not buying another bike as he's "done" with riding right now. The accident comes nearly two years after being stabbed in the neck and his chest during an incident with Shalaya Briston in Pittsburgh. Both were charged with assault, and Pryor was sent to the hospital for his injuries.

Pryor, 32, was originally drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft from Ohio State. He left Ohio State in 2011 due to multiple off-the-field issues, including selling memorabilia and driving on a suspended license. Pryor was suspended for the first five games of the 2011 NFL season due to his problems at Ohio State and played in just one game. He was with the Raiders for another two seasons before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

Pryor didn't play any games with the Seahawks as he was cut after the regular season. He didn't sign another contract until January 2015, when he joined the Kansas City Chiefs on a one-year deal. He was cut by the Chiefs of May of that year but then signed with the Cleveland Browns a few days later. Pryor was with the Browns for two seasons before joining the Washington Football Team in 2017. He then played for the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars in 2018.

In his career, Pryor threw for 1,994 yards, nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions at quarterback. Pryor caught 115 passes for 1,563 yards and seven touchdowns in 51 games with 30 starts as a wide receiver. Last summer, Pryor was looking to make a comeback and said he talked to the New England Patriots.


"There have been conversations with a couple - five teams," Pryor said to TMZ. "(My reps) spoke to the Patriots last week, I believe. A lot of the teams are not really dealing with bringing in players because of the COVID situation."