Terrell Owens and Stephen A. Smith Argue Over Colin Kaepernick Workout

Stephen A. Smith caught a lot of heat for saying that Colin Kaepernick's NFL career is over despite holding a workout in Atlanta this past weekend. One of the people who have attacked Smith was former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens as he sent Smith a text to say that he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to Kaepernick. Smith shared what Owens sent him on the ESPN show First Take.

"T.O. — Terrell Owens — just sent me a text. 'You have no idea what you're talking about. You're quick to bash. That's why people say what they say about you.' Even T.O. is on my case right now. You know, I will respond to him and all the folks that feel the way that they feel in just a second. Because there's a whole lot of people that are coming at me with emotion. I'm going to come at folks with facts," Smith said Tuesday on the show.

Smith responded to Owens saying, "T.O. sends me a damn text just now. T.O.! How many times have I come to the defense of Terrell Owens? OK? How many times have I talked about how unfairly he has been maligned? How people have insulted him? How this man deserved to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer? But by the way, T.O. wasn't asking to go to the Hall of Fame ceremony or anything like that. T.O. — Terrell Owens ... was maligned unnecessarily and unfairly, and I pointed that out."

On Monday, Smith said that what Kaepernick did on Saturday eradicated his points about the NFL. He said on First Take, "The fact that he did not show up, to me, eradicates his points altogether. From the standpoint of 'the NFL, I'm looking for a job, running from the truth,' and all this nonsense. His 'I have a dream' speech that he gave to the media and the public Saturday."


Along with arguing with Owens, Smith said that he understands why Kaepernick was kneeling and that his take had nothing to do with his protest. What bothered Smith was the fact Kaepernick told the NFL to "stop running" when it was him who decided to not show up to the workout. So Smith believes it's Kaepernick who is getting in his own way of returning to the NFL.