Super Bowl 2020: Randy Moss Cries While Discussing Kobe Bryant's Death on 'Sunday NFL Countdown'

One week after Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others died in a helicopter crash, the world is preparing for Super Bowl LIV. Although the battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers became less of a conversation as ESPN prepared for the game. Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss even shed some tears while discussing Bryant.

"He put a stamp on this world, not just in basketball but in whole," Moss said on Sunday. "And just to have a man like that gone at such a young age. I told my wife that I was gonna say this, and this message is to the Bryant family – and I'm sorry for your loss – but in my household, it's Mamba forever."

Moss made this statement during Sunday NFL Countdown. He first discussed how he and those his age grew up wanting to emulate Michael Jordan and everything that he achieved on the court. However, the future NFL star later changed his viewpoint after watching Bryant play for 20 years.

As Moss explained, he believes that Bryant is the greatest player to ever take the court in the NBA. There is no arguing the greatness of Jordan or the other greats, and Moss doesn't mean any disrespect with his statement. He just believes that Bryant is the best ever and uses the statement of "Mamba forever" to emphasize this point.

The former Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots star in Moss is well acquainted with the conversation surrounding who can be considered the "best ever" in any pursuit. He played from 1998-2012, suiting up for five teams.

During this time, Moss was viewed as one of the best players in league history, and he currently sits in fourth place in all-time receiving yards (15,292). Only Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald, and Terrell Owens sit ahead of him.

In terms of touchdowns, however, Moss was extremely productive. He tallied 156 scores as a receiver during his career, placing him in second place behind Rice on the all-time list.

Following his retirement, there have been arguments about whether or not Moss is actually the greatest receiver in NFL history. Rice has the stats and a 20-year career to his name, but there are many that believe Moss was the perfect weapon for any offense and was capable of making more of a difference on any given Sunday.

Similarly, Jordan won six rings during his career while Bryant finished with five. The late NBA icon scored more points (33,643) than Jordan (32,292) but had a worse field goal percentage (44.7) than his fellow Hall of Famer (49.7). Still, Moss has no doubts that Bryant is the best player in NBA history.

"The greatest basketball player that I've ever seen dribble a basketball is Kobe Bean Bryant. God rest his soul," Moss said to finish his statement.


Photo Credit: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images