Super Bowl 2020: Patrick Mahomes Stops Victory Parade to Use Restroom, High Fives Fans

The Kansas City Chiefs have been loving life all morning while taking part in the Super Bowl LIV victory parade. However, the whole operation came to a screeching halt at one point when quarterback Patrick Mahomes needed to use the restroom. However, he did take the opportunity to high five a bunch of his fans afterward.

According to a video posted on Twitter by a Chiefs fan, Mahomes was spotted exiting the portable toilet after doing his business. Instead of walking back to the bus, he went up and down the line of supporters and slapped their hands.

Mahomes also danced in the streets while firing up the fans that had braved the cold weather to come and celebrate the first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. He was fired up about the victory and wanted to soak up the moment with the fanbase.

"Did you wash your hands?" one fan yelled at Mahomes as he exited the restroom. With so many fans in attendance for the parade, there was reasonable concern about a virus spreading and getting several fans sick. They just wanted to make sure that Mahomes was following proper hygiene protocols.

Given the amount of beer that had been tossed to Mahomes during the early portions of the victory parade, the fans were not surprised to see the quarterback make a pit stop. He is only human, despite his seemingly miraculous plays on the football field.

The Super Bowl MVP was spotted chugging several beers on Wednesday morning, many of which were thrown to him by the fans. One brewski, in particular, was the source of loud cheers. A fan threw a can in the direction of Mahomes, who casually reached out and snagged the drink with one hand. He proceeded to crack open the beer and chug it before slamming the empty can to the ground.

This trend continued for several minutes as Mahomes drank beer from both cans and bottles in celebration of the Super Bowl LIV victory over the San Francisco 49ers. He and his teammates were having a lot of fun during the celebration parade, whether they were dancing, singing or drinking.


With so much beer being ingested, it was only natural that Mahomes would have to use the restroom midway through the parade. He just used this stop as an excuse to give high-fives to his supporters.

(Photo Credit: Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)