Super Bowl 2020: Patrick Mahomes Shows off Accuracy Pouring Beer in Travis Kelce's Mouth

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has shown the ability to make extremely accurate passes over his first two seasons as a starter. He proved on Wednesday that he is different in a very manner. The Super Bowl MVP was captured on camera pouring beer from the top of a double-decker bus into the mouth of tight end Travis Kelce.

The photo in question showed Kelce standing on the pavement, roughly eight feet below his quarterback. The tight end was wearing a wool coat, Oakley ski goggles, and a WWE championship belt that had been custom-made for the team following their victory in Super Bowl LIV.

While the majority of beer was landing directly in Kelce's mouth, there was some liquid landing on his coat. The photo showed beer splashing off of his shoulder and running down his sleeve.

Kelce likely was not concerned with the beer landing on his clothes. It came with the territory of bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Missouri for the first time in 50 years. Beer-covered clothing was just part of the process.

A video did later surface that showed the entire beer pour. Mahomes wasn't as accurate as the photo depicted, but he still impressed with his ability to get the liquid in Kelce's mouth. The tight end was actually spinning in circles while trying to catch the beer, which explains why so much was bouncing off of his shoulders.

"Kelce is wearing a $20K Louis Vuitton coat and now has it covered in bud light. Heroic," one fan wrote on Twitter after seeing both the photo and the video. Several users were impressed by the ability to drink beer from such an odd angle while others were curious about the quality of the coat. Would it be able to repel the beer and remain a quality item?

Of course, there were several other fans less concerned about the jacket and the beer. They just wanted this moment to be forever immortalized. Some called for the photo to be hung in the Louvre while others said that it should be framed and stuck in an American museum.


Regardless of what happens with the photo in the future, the fans were just happy that it exists. They love the bond between Mahomes and Kelce, as well as the fact that it materialized in the form of a beer pour.

Photo Credit: Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images