Super Bowl 2020: Lady Gaga Praises Jennifer Lopez, Shakira's Halftime Show Performance Following Lip-Syncing Comments

Lady Gaga may have had some stern words for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira ahead of their Super Bowl 2020 halftime show performance Sunday, but she couldn't help but heap praise on them after they took the stage. Just after the two singers belted it out for those in attendance at Hard Rock Stadium and those tuning in from home, Gaga took to Twitter to gush over the "incredible" performance.

"[Jennifer Lopez] and [Shakira] and all the special guests were so incredible!!!" Gaga tweeted after the singing powerhouses took the stage. "What a fun halftime show I danced and smiled the whole time. Such powerful sexy women!!!! On camera and off!!!!! Love you beautiful sexy talented women [Super Bowl Haltime Show] [Super Bowl]."

The praise came just hours after Gaga issued a warning: she expected no lip syncing.

"I better hear no lip-syncing tomorrow!" Gaga said before going on to wish Lopez and Shakira luck.

"I love you Miami, I love you J. Lo, I love you Shakira," she said. "I wish so much love and so much luck to everyone that's doing the halftime show, to both the teams that are playing each other in the Super Bowl. They're all champions."

The two singers had certainly wowed viewers, with Shakira taking the stage to kick off the show with a few bars from Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" between her own material, "Wherever, Whenever," and her breakthrough hit "Hips Don't Lie." Lopez, meanwhile, belted out "Jenny From the Block" and was joined by her 11-year-old daughter Emme for "Let's Get Loud," which ended the show.

The performance was immediately praised on social media, with some calling it "historic."

"Can we all just take a moment to appreciate [Shakira] and [Jennifer Lopez] and their historic [Super Bowl] halftime show?" tweeted one fan. "They both truly did THAT."

"ALRIGHT!!!!!! now THAT was a GLOBAL Super Bowl halftime performance!!!!!!" wrote Keith Urban. "STUNNING- WE LOOOOOOOOVED IT! CONGRATS [Jennifer Lopez], [Shakira] and the whole ensemble AND CREW !!!!!!"

"The halftime show was probably the best out of all of them," added another. "I mean to only having iconic latin artists was just amazing."


After the halftime show came to a close, the Kansas City Chiefs went on to beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20, marking the first time the team has won a Super Bowl since 1970 and their second Super Bowl win in franchise history.