Super Bowl 2020: Jay-Z and Beyonce Sitting During National Anthem Causes Robin Thicke to Speak out

During the 2020 Super Bowl, Jay-Z and Beyonce caused some controversy when they chose to sit during the National Anthem. Now, Masked Singer judge Robin Thicke is speaking out and sharing his thoughts on the situation, telling TMZ that he thinks the couple are sparking an "interesting conversation," but that he "doesn't know if it's controversial in any way."

Thicke went on to say, "What we're trying to do is bring attention to things that matter more than football," such as "people losing their lives." Thicke then added, "However that resonates, in the right way, or the wrong way, at least we're talking about the right things." Before rushing off, Thicke revealed that he has just recently been with Jay-Z, as well as rapper Meek Mill, for an event supporting prison reform. "That's what is going on right now, and whatever Jay stands for, or sits for, I know he knows what he's doing," he added.

When he isn't busy supporting various social justice reform projects, Thicke can been seen on The Masked Singer, FOX's American version of the global hit reality TV series.

The show features celebrities belting out some of their favorite tunes while wearing elaborate costumes, and when asked in a 2019 Billboard interview why he chose to be a panelist on the show, Thicke replied, "Because it was funny."

"I saw Ryan Reynolds, who was on the Korean version of the show, wearing a unicorn costume and singing 'Tomorrow' [from Annie]. The panel was laughing and shouting and making fun of each other," he went on to say, then adding, "And once I heard we had Dr. Ken [comedian Ken Jeong], I was like, 'This is going to be funny.' And we don't have to judge! We don't have to criticize people. It's a great job."


Season 3 of The Masked singer debuted after Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night, and unmasked its first contestant. Rocking a wild robot costume, rapper Lil Wayne took the stage and delivered his rendition of the Lenny Kravitz hit, "Are You Gonna Go My Way."

The show will go back to airing on its regular Wednesday evening time slot, starting Feb. 5.