'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Shows off 'Front Row' Seats for WrestleMania 36

WrestleMania 36 took place on April 4-5 as part of a historic two-night event. Fans were not allowed to attend this event due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had "front row seats." He showed how this was possible with a recent post on social media.

The longtime WWE star posted a photo on Instagram Monday that showed his unique view of WrestleMania. His laptop had the WWE Network pulled up and the camera was focused on a partially completed match. A lone cameraman was standing in the background and filming the action for the viewers at home. Austin knows that it is important to properly help his brand, so he had a can of Broken Skull IPA sitting on the keyboard.

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"You're a legend Steve," one fan commented on Instagram. Others chimed in and said that he should have been in attendance to face off with some of the WWE's top stars. Although a few fans were simply concerned about the beer being so close to the keyboard. They didn't want Austin to spill his drink and ruin the keyboard or motherboard.

While the fans had hoped that Austin would be in the attendance for WrestleMania 36 — or at least participating — they were left disappointed. The wrestler/TV host has been practicing proper social distancing in recent weeks. He has shown this with photos in the beer aisle at his local grocery store, as well as videos showing him cruising the backroads with one of his dogs and listening to country artist Cody Jinks.


Austin posted a series of photos on his Instagram account in late March and showed his garage setup. He had a squat rack, a preacher curl machine, and a series of dumbbells available for his workouts. As he explained, Austin's Broken Skull Gym only allowed two people in it at a given time due to social distancing recommendations.

When Austin does have to leave the house for special events, he doesn't head to a crowded area or method of transportation. This was made clear when he headed to the WWE Performance Center in mid-March for WWE: Raw. Austin posted a video of himself sitting on an empty airplane en route to Orlando. He was sipping a can of Broken Skull IPA and had a few extras sitting on the seat next to him.