'Stone Cold Steve Austin' Reveals If More Movies Are in His Future (Exclusive)

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has been in his share of movies over the years due to his popularity in [...]

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has been in his share of movies over the years due to his popularity in WWE. But are more films in the Texas Rattlesnake's future? PopCulture.com had a chance to speak to Austin about his movie career, and he said it's unlikely he will be on the big screen anytime soon.

"I'm just not really interested in acting," Austin said exclusively to PopCulture. "Not to say that I wouldn't just for a small role or something like that. But for me being on a set in a trailer going through the motions over and over and over again, reading dialogue, it doesn't appeal to me. With Broken Skull Sessions, I do tons of research, so does my team, but that's just talking back and forth with someone. With everything that I do, like [Straight Up Steve Austin] I gotta do my prep work, but I'm not trying to be anybody other than me."

Since 2005, Austin has appeared in various films such as The Longest Yard, The Expendables and Grown Ups 2. He has also starred in his share of direct-to-video movies, including Damage, The Stranger and The Package. Austin hasn't appeared in a film since 2015 as he's been busy hosting shows like Straight up Steve Austin on the USA Network and Broken Skull Sessions on the WWE Network and Peacock. Austin said hosting shows and being himself is something he would rather do now and in the foreseeable future.

"I just find that I'd rather be me than be a character in a movie," Austin revealed. "I don't have anything against it, I don't find it pleasurable and I don't want to do it just for the money. I want to work just like anybody else does. I pick my projects accordingly. When I first came out to LA after I retired from wrestling and after a couple of years of wasting time, I used acting as a means to an end. And along the way, I found hosting with Redneck Island and Broken Skull Challenge and Tough Enough. I just found out that I like hosting and being myself."

And one of Austin's shows, Straight Up Steve Austin, just wrapped up its second season and has become one of the most popular shows on the USA Network. Each episode in the show has Austin and a celebrity guest doing different activities while Austin asks them questions about their life and career. With the success of Straight Up Steve Austin, the question is will there be a Season 3?

"Your guess is as good as mine," Austin said. "I haven't heard anything and that's the truth. I patiently wait. If we get picked up, that's cool. If we don't, that's cool I'll move on and do something else. I'm waiting, I would love to do another season because I only do things now that I purely want to do, that I love to do. …Hopefully, it will. If it doesn't, the glass is always half full with me and I just move on to the next thing."