'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Hits Practice Field With Baker Mayfield

When Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed that he would be featuring Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield on his new show, the hype immediately began building. After all, Stone Cold is known for cracking beers and firing up the crowd while Mayfield is known as the man who doesn't particularly care about outside opinion as long as he is firing up his teammates and the Dawg Pound. These two outspoken personalities seem like they would be best friends when the cameras are turned off, and the end result was an episode that showcased this chemistry.

During the episode of Straight Up Steve Austin that featured Mayfield, the pair engaged in a wide variety of random events. They threw some passes on the practice field, ate some tasty burgers, and enjoyed some delicious beverages that were unlabeled for some reason. Of course, the biggest head-turning moment came when the pair were seen cruising around Berea in a Warthog, the iconic vehicle from the video game Halo: Combat Evolved.

As the cell phone footage shows, the Browns fanbase was caught off guard by the presence of two hugely popular athletes and a vehicle from a video game depicting the battle between humans and aliens. How many trips to the chiropractor were caused by the countless double-takes as the fans registered the sight of a Warthog and then realized that it was being driven by Stone Cold and Mayfield? That's some serious whiplash in effect!

Of course, the duo was not quite finished after rolling around the city in a Warthog. They later raced recliners around the stadium before ultimately pulling inside for the biggest grudge match of them all. The team had connected an Xbox One to the jumbotron in order for Mayfield and Stone Cold to face off in WWE 2k20.

Unsurprisingly, Mayfield proved victorious in the digital ring, which only capped off a very unique day spent with Stone Cold.


When he created Straight Up Steve Austin, the longtime wrestling personality stated that he wanted to bond with his guests over physical activity and naturally kickstart the conversation. The purpose was not to create a generic interview show.

If the episode featuring Baker Mayfield was any indication, Stone Cold achieved this goal and simultaneously created some new fans for the Browns quarterback.