'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Details 'Amazing' Experience Working With Ice-T in New Commercial (Exclusive)

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin continues to be a TV star despite being retired from professional [...]

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin continues to be a TV star despite being retired from professional wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer can currently be seen in a new promotion from Tide, the Turn To Cold campaign, where he is featured in a series of TV spots with actor and hip-hop legend Ice-T. PopCulture.com had a chance to talk to Austin about working with one of the Law and Order: SVU stars.

"He's just a wealth of information," Austin said to PopCulture. "He's super smart. He basically raised himself. If you ask him a question, he's got an answer because it seems like he's been there and done just about everything, and he's a very charismatic guy. That cadence and tone which he speaks in is amazing." Austin also said Ice-T is a "serious guy, but he's absolutely hilarious when he's telling some of these stories, and he's not even trying to be funny, but he is. It speaks to how long he's been around." Austin then said that Ice-T is one of the "O.G. guys in rap music and being one of the longest-running TV shows in history" in Law and Order: SVU.

The Turn To Cold campaign is Tide encouraging everyone to wash their clothes in cold water to help the environment. Austin has teamed up with Ice-T in the commercials as they are "Cold Callers." The duo calls notable celebrities such as Vanilla Ice, Mr. T. Annie Murphy, and Mark Messier to spread the message.

"I was a little bit heavy at the time," Austin said, referring to when he was asked to be in the commercials. "And I was like 'Man, I'm I little heavy. I don't know about being on TV.' When they said who's doing it, it only made sense that I jump on board and be a part of the Turn To Cold crew with these guys who I watched or listened to every single one of these people."

As much fun Austin had with Ice-T, the former WWE Champion already knew all about him as the two worked together before on Austin's show Straight Up Steve Austin. Additionally, Austin and Ice-T connected before he was on the USA Network series.

"I got the chance to meet Ice-T before he ever came on Straight Up Steve Austin by about a year or so," Austin stated. "This was a great campaign. The campaign makes a lot of sense. My mom has been using Tide since I was a kid, and I've always washed my clothes in cold water anyways. So it didn't take much convincing on me. We're just trying to spread the word."