Stephen Curry Signs $215 Million Contract With Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry just got paid. According to ESPN, the three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP has agreed to a four-year, $215 million contract extension with the Golden State Warriors. And with Curry extending his contract off of his $45.8 million salary for next season, he will now earn a guaranteed $261 million over the next five years.

Curry is coming off one of the best seasons of his career despite the Warriors not reaching the playoffs. The 33-year-old averaged 32 points per game, which led the NBA. He was named to the All-NBA first team for the fourth time in his career and finished third in MVP voting behind Joel Embid (second) and Nikola Jokic (first).

Before the start of the 2020-21 season, Curry spoke to Complex and revealed if he felt more pressure to win. "I don't think pressure has ever been a part of the conversation when I start a season or anything like that," Curry said. "When it comes to our whole narrative since the 2019 finals and now, it's been a weird two years. And so I'm just excited to get back out and play, man. Watching the bubble was hard and not being a part of that. And now, starting a new year, we've got obviously myself, Draymond, we're the elder statesman in the room, and ones that can speak on Warrior culture and what the championship mentality is."

Curry also talked about if people have forgotten about him in terms of being one of the best players in the NBA. "It's always a 'what have you done for me lately type of league,' but I think in terms of that narrative, people haven't really forgot," Curry said. "They might joke, and laugh, and try to poke and prod. But at the end of the day, I know who I am, I know who our team is, and what we've accomplished. But all that for me, I can't really dwell on it too much. Because you say you got to look forward, you got look ahead."


Curry was drafted by the Warriors No. 7 overall in 2009. He played in his first All-Star game in 2014 and won his first title and MVP in 2015. Curry has also won the scoring title this past season and in 2016. Also in 2016, Curry became one of the few players in NBA history to have a 50% field goal percentage, a 40% three-point field goal percentage and a 90% free throw percentage.