Stephen A. Smith Wants New England Patriots to Re-Sign Antonio Brown

There have been reports of the New England Patriots possibly bringing back Antonio Brown as the team has struggled to score points the last four weeks. While it's not likely to happen, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith is on board with a Patriots-Brown reunion. On the ESPN show First Take, Smith said that Brown should return to the Patriots and help them win a Super Bowl. However, that's only if he's cleared of his sexual assault allegations.

"If Antonio Brown is guilty of any of the charges levied against him, he should be in jail, Smith said during Monday's "First Take" episode. "If the NFL finds a shred of truth to what he is alleged to have done, he should be banned indefinitely."

"I mean, you talk about the quintessential individual that would be a perfect remedy for all that ails the New England offense, it would be this one man, Antonio Brown," he said.

One of the players that would love to have him back in Tom Brady who was lashing out at one receiver during Sunday's loss to the Texans. When asked about possibly bringing Brown back, Brady said it's not up to him when it's all said and done.

"I don't think those decisions honestly are up to me," he said per WEEI Radio in Boston. "They are not up to me when we cut players, or sign players. I think the people in the personnel department decide those things. My job is to play quarterback and that is what I am trying to do as well as I possibly can."


When Brown was with the Patriots, he played in one game and posted four catches for 56 yards and one score in the team's 43-0 win over the Miami Dolphins. So Brown would be a needed addition to the Patriots offense, but at the same time, Brady knows what the team needs to do in order to get where they want to go this year.

"[It's] just execution," Brady said to reporters "[We've] got to do a better job. Tough to get behind and come back. We just put ourselves in a pretty deep hole and you can't do that on the road. We didn't get the job done. We're all trying to do a good job out there, and give [the Texans] credit, they played well. We didn't make enough plays and it just wasn't a great game. We're battling. We're trying as hard as we can."