Steph Curry Reveals He Was the First NBA Player Tested for Coronavirus

Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to test positive for coronavirus, and it led to the NBA suspending the season back on March 11. However, Gobert was not the first player to test for COVID-19. Three-time NBA Champion Steph Curry wrote an essay for TIME, and he revealed he was the first player to test for the virus. He revealed that on March 6, he got really sick after playing his first basketball game after missing the last few months with an injury.

"I was the first NBA player tested for COVID-19," Curry wrote. "Thankfully, my test came back negative. But that experience hit me, and it hit me hard. I'm fortunate to have the job I do, and not have to worry about all the many things crippling families across the country during this pandemic: unemployment, hunger, housing. How couldn't I use all of my resources and the full power of the platform my wife and I have built to help those desperately in need during this time? We have a responsibility to one another."

Curry went on to write about how coronavirus is affecting the city of Oakland, which is where he resides. He ended the essay by writing: "We have a unique opportunity to come together, to bridge humanity; and the future of our world depends on what you do next. Whether it's giving blood, donating to your local food bank, checking in on your elderly neighbors or just staying home, our small gestures in times of crisis can end up being the big gestures that made the difference."

It was reported back in March that Curry was sick, and there was speculation that he was dealing with coronavirus. A few days after Curry felt ill, the team released a statement, which said: "This morning Steph Curry was diagnosed with influenza A by a positive test. We have identified the probable source contact who is not a part of the team. He has no specific risk factors for COVID-19. He has the seasonal flu."


When Warriors released the statement, Curry went to Twitter to send a message to his fans. He wrote: "2020 ain't it. Don't know what to compare this situation to…just gotta buckle up and take care of yourself and those around you. Basketball will be back at some point but right now, protect yourself and stay safe out there!"