Sixers' Mike Scott Has No Regrets About Brawl at Eagles Game

Mike Scott of the Philadelphia 76ers made headlines during week one of the NFL season when footage surfaced of him throwing haymakers at an Eagles game. The cause of the fight was unknown, but Scott was able to clear up any confusion on Monday as NBA players met with the media.

It was expected that the 76ers player would be asked about the fight at some point in his 10-minute press conference, but the assembled reporters immediately sent questions his way. This direct approach was appreciated by Scott, especially considering that it gave him the opportunity to clear the record about this infamous brawl.

"Straight to it," Scott said. "I like it. I like it. Straight to it."

"Looking back on it, I definitely play devil's advocate for myself. I definitely should've walked away before it got to that point," Scott said to the assembled media. "I'm a professional, you know, I gotta be the bigger person, but once you keep going ... he was poppin' hella s---, he was going off."

There were rumors at the time that the fight started due to the presence of a coffin, which could have been a joke about the late Sean Taylor, who was a beloved figure on the Washington Redskins. However, Scott clarified that it was what was said that sparked the fight.

"Maybe it was the microphone, but I didn't [walk away]," Scott continued. "I walked up in there, and once you take it to that next level, you start throwing other slurs out there, now I gotta see if you match that energy.

"That's what happened. Definitely should have been the bigger person. It never should have gotten to that point. He was talking crazy. He took it to the next level so I had to see if he matched that energy ... and y'all saw what happened."


While Scott continued to mention that he should have been the bigger person during those interactions leading up to the fight, that doesn't necessarily mean that he feels sympathy for those that were on the receiving end of his punches. He never clarified what slurs were thrown at him that led to the fight, but Scott made it apparent that they erased any potential sympathy that he may have had.

"As far as sympathy for him, I don't feel any for those individuals ... yeah, what a day," Scott said with a chuckle.