Shad Gaspard's Cryme Tyme Tag Team Partner JTG Breaks Silence on His Disappearance

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard has been missing since Sunday and his former tag team partner, JTG, just reacted to the news. JTG took to Twitter to share a text message exchange between him and Gaspard from January. In the message, Gaspard said he if he were to die tomorrow, he loves JTG "as a brother and friend forever." JTG responded by saying he loves him also.

Gaspard was swimming with his 10-year old son at Venice Beach on Sunday when they got caught in a riptide along with a group of swimmers. Lifeguards rushed out to get everyone to safety, but when they went to Gaspard, he reportedly told them to save his son first. Officials have been searching for Gaspard ever since, which has led to an outpour of support from current and former WWE stars.

Gaspard and JTG made up the tag team Cryme Tyme, which made its mark on WWE in the late 2000s. They never won a tag team title during their time in WWE, but they were one of the more popular teams on the roster. Cryme Tyme was fired from WWE twice, and JTG revealed why they were fired the first time, which was in 2007. Back in 2018, JTG talked about Cryme Tyme's release on Why It Ended (H/T Wrestling Inc.), and it had to do with a rib gone wrong with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

"[Cade and Murdoch] pulled a rib on us in the middle of a match at a live event and we were left in the ring and Shad wanted to leave the crowd up," JTG said. "We were supposed to go over, so it felt awkward. So before going back, Shad decided to hit the finish on the ref. When I rolled back in the ring, Shad had the ref on his shoulders so I'm thinking it's cool. I hit the ropes, hit our finish, got the crowd back up." It led to their agent, Barry Windam talking to Gaspard and then John Cena yelled at them. It then led to them being released, but they returned a year later.


Gaspard was with WWE until 2010 before doing some work on the independent circuit. Gaspard then focused more on acting, while JTG, whose real name is Jayson Anthony Paul, continued to work for the company until 2014. He then moved on to the independent circuit and has also written two books.