Seahawks Channel NSYNC for Epic Touchdown Celebration Dance, and Fans Are Loving It

Following a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, the Seattle Seahawks drew within two points of their opponent and recovered from a surprising start to the Sunday's game. This made it far more likely that the Seahawks would achieve victory once again, but that detail became less important once four members of the team broke out a picture-perfect NSYNC dance.

With the touchdown confirmed, wide receivers Jaron Brown, DK Metcalf, David Moore, and Tyler Lockett began dancing in the end zone. This wasn't a normal jig, however, as the playmakers recreated the moves made famous by Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick. The Seahawks went full Bye, Bye, Bye on Sunday.

While this play certainly made it more likely that the Seahawks would win "Best Celebration" once again at NFL Honors, there is one factor that could be a potential issue. There were only four players dancing during the celebration while NSYNC famously had five members.

While there were certainly many football fans that loved the celebration and voiced their support for the boy band tribute, there were others that surprisingly had issues. Specifically, some fans called out Moore for using the wrong arm when doing the Bye, Bye, Bye motion. They believed that this warranted kicking the receiver out of the band.

Since the NFL began allowing celebrations after touchdowns and interceptions, teams have begun putting considerable effort into coming up with the best possible options. After all, there is an award given at the end of the season for the best celebration, which the Seattle Seahawks won last year. Midway through week six, the Pacific Northwest team may have locked up a second consecutive victory.

Last season, the Seahawks were known for their choreographed celebrations, including The Seahawks were known for their choreographed touchdown celebrations last year, which included double dutch, Allen Iverson's stepover move, and other dances.

If the fans have anything to say during the voting process, there is little doubt that the Seahawks will take home the trophy. This fanbase is extremely vocal and will have no issues voting for their favorite players when given the opportunity.


There will certainly be some fierce competition for the top spot considering that teams watch the other celebrations for inspiration, which means that there may be other boy band moves making appearances in the coming weeks. Will the Backstreet Boys or 98 Degrees spark a dance by the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, or Jacksonville Jaguars?