Scott Steiner Hospitalized: WWE Legend Reportedly 'Stopped Breathing' Amid 'Life or Death Situation'

Scott Steiner is currently hospitalized and reportedly stable, but the WWE legend's condition was apparently dire at one point. After describing the wrestler's condition late Friday night as "very serious,"'s Brad Shepard provided further context to what was going on with Steiner once "Big Poppa Pump" stabilized. His sources claim Steiner, 57, "stopped breathing at one point," leading to medical workers to perform cardioversion on him, meaning they sent electric shocks to his heart.

Shepard's reports on the situation go along with tweets from's Sean Ross Sapp on Friday night. Sapp described the one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion's situation as "looking rough" but opted not to go into specifics.

"Things are looking rough for Scott Steiner. He was rushed to the hospital after collapsing while at Impact doing pre tapes," Sapp wrote. "I don't want to go into much more detail beyond that, but keep him in your thoughts."

As far as official updates on Steiner's condition, two have come in the form of colleagues. wrestler Tommy Dreamer and Scott D'Amore, IMPACT Wrestling's executive vice president, were at the hospital on Friday night (as was wrestler Joey Ryan) and provided updates on the former WWE Superstar's situation. Dreamer said that "Big Poppa Pump" was "doing well," and the IMPACT executive concurred.

"For all concerned parties [Scott Steiner] is OK," D'Amore wrote. "His family is grateful for everybody's concern and support."

Steiner was reportedly in the locker room at a IMPACT event when he collapsed, which triggered the entire ordeal. Further details on his condition have not yet been made public.


Steiner nor his family have publicly commented on the medical scare as of this writing.

Photo Credit: WWE