Ryan Newman's Children: What to Know About His Daughters With Estranged Wife Krissie

Ryan Newman is still recovering from a serious crash he was involved in at the Daytona 500 on Monday night. A few days prior, his wife, Krissie, announced the two are separating after 16 years of marriage. The couple also has two daughters — Brooklyn and Ashlyn — and Newman makes sure to spend as much time with them as possible.

One of the things Newman likes to do with his children is enjoying the outdoors. Newman likes to hunt and he has taken his daughters out with him on the family farm.

"Our time on the farm is about giving Brooklyn and Ashlyn the understanding of the outdoors," Newman said to RC Racing. "I point out to them things like the sound a cardinal makes and why a groundhog does what he does and the time of year he hibernates.

"There are so many parts to teaching kids about hunting and conservation," he said. "It's not about harvesting an animal as much as it is about understanding why those animals are on this Earth and how we as humans have to manage them. I also want them to know what we as a society can do to make it better for everybody for generations to come."

The children also like to help around the house. Back in September, Newman posted a photo of one of the daughters helping him make popcorn.

When Krissie made the separation announcement, she said they will continue to co-parent Brooklyn and Ashlyn.

"After 16 years of marriage, Ryan and I have decided to amicably separate," the statement read. "We will continue to jointly raise our girls, while remaining friends and continuing to work together supporting Rescue Ranch. Thank you for the years of support and friendship. We ask that our daughters' privacy be respected during this time."

Newman and Krissie got married on Jan. 3 2004 after meeting in 2001 on a blind date. Before they met, Krissie was working as a clerk for a judge in North Carolina after graduating from Shippensburg University with a B.S. degree in Criminal Science. Krissie was known for her charitable work which included the Ryan Newman Foundation and Rescue Ranch.


"If there is a 'first lady' in NASCAR, Krissie Newman fits the mold," Melissa Bauer-Herzog of Bleacher Report wrote in 2010. "With her generosity towards people and animals, she is a true ambassador for NASCAR."

When Krissie first heard about the wreck she reacted by writing "OMG" on Twitter.