Russell Wilson Responds to Report of Him Requesting Trade From Seahawks

Russell Wilson sets the record straight on him requesting a trade from the Seattle Seahawks. On Thursday, Wilson spoke to reporters for the first time since February and admitted he was frustrated after losing to the Los Angeles Rams in the playoffs last season. However, he has no plans to play for another NFL team.

"Obviously I love Seattle, I love playing here," he said Thursday after the Seahawks' final OTA session per ESPN. "I've had a great career here so far. I've always wanted to play here for my full career, obviously. I think there was some unfortunate frustrations after the season. Obviously, you want to win it all and do it all and do everything you can. I think everybody on our team does. You want to win it, and I think, unfortunately, I think it got a little blown out of proportion a little bit."

Shortly after the Super Bowl, Wilson expressed his frustration with all the hits he has taken over the years. He also expressed his desire to have a voice in personnel moves. This led to Wilson's agent, Mark Rodgers, telling Adam Schefter of ESPN that the Super Bowl champion quarterback would accept a trade from four teams.

"There was a lot of people, there was a whole thing saying that I had requested a trade, and that's just not true," Wilson said. "I didn't request a trade. I think everything kind of started from there, and then obviously tons of teams were calling. ... I didn't really want to go anywhere else. I wanted to play in Seattle, but if I had to go somewhere, these are the teams I would go to, consider."

Wilson has three years remaining on his contract that includes a no-trade clause. He has been the starter since 2012 and had a lot of success. When his contract expires, Wilson will be 35 years old. And that leads to the question of will there be more talk about his future this time next year.


"I think anytime in sports, obviously things can change," he said. "That's just the reality. Everybody knows that. But I think that for me, my heart of hearts, I love this city, I love this place, I love everything about it. ... Ultimately, I love the fans, I love my teammates, I love this coaching staff, I love this building. So every time I come up here, I get excited, just to get ready to go again."