Russell Wilson and Ciara Swim With Sharks Amid Trade Rumors

Russell Wilson is dealing with several rumors about his future with the Seattle Seahawks and [...]

Russell Wilson is dealing with several rumors about his future with the Seattle Seahawks and whether he will head to a new team. These discussions aren't derailing his offseason, which involves an epic vacation with his wife, Ciara. The pair headed down to Mexico and swam with sharks.

The Seahawks QB posted a photo that showed him and Ciara in the water. She was floating on her back while several sharks surrounded them. Wilson also posted a video in his Instagram Stories that showed him grabbing his wife by her feet and pulling her through the water as the sharks swam nearby. "Swimming with the Queen Shark. [Ciara]" Wilson wrote in the caption of his post.

Ciara also posted the same photo and added a slightly different caption. "Takes one to know one," she wrote, prompting several responses from her fans. Many called her and Wilson brave for getting into the water with the sharks. Others said that there was no chance that they would emulate the power couple while on vacation. "Yeah ok. There's no way," one person commented on Instagram.

While the majority of responses on Ciara's post were about her being brave, the comments on Wilson's post were considerably different. The vast majority did not actually discuss the sharks, the water, or Mexico. The fans showed up en masse to plead with Wilson to remain in Seattle instead of heading to a different NFL team.

There have been several reports in recent weeks about Wilson "growing frustrated" with the Seahawks about the number of sacks he takes behind the offensive line, as well as the lack of input about personnel decisions. Many of these reports revolve around Wilson moving to a different team via trade — although he has not openly requested a trade.

If a trade were to take place, which is a longshot due to a no-trade clause on his contract, there is a limited number of teams that Wilson would prefer to go to. The four reported options are the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and Las Vegas Raiders. This shortlist prompted a number of responses among fans, including the mayor of New Orleans, who recorded a video campaigning for Wilson to head to the Big Easy.

"I've heard the rumors now, and I want to make sure that you understand that the city of New Orleans is a place for you and your beautiful family," Mayor Cantrell said in her video. "I'm LaToya Cantrell, mayor of the city of New Orleans, and I know, Mr. Wilson, that you will be a great addition to the New Orleans Saints."