Rob Gronkowski Misses Field Goal During Live Super Bowl Commercial

Rob Gronkowski just attempted a field goal during the Super Bowl and came up short. The former NFL tight end joined forces with FanDuel to take part in the "Kick of Destiny" during the third quarter of Super Bowl LVII, and had Gronkowski made the field goal, he would have won $10 million for fans who made a $5 bet on the Super Bowl via FanDuel. He lined up for the 25-yard field goal and curved it left. The FanDuel team watched the kick along with Gronkowski's former teammate Adam Vinatieri. 

The news of Gronkowski's kick was announced in January as part of his partnership with FanDuel. "I spent my career catching the ball, but I always knew I could kick it and now I'll do it live in front of football fans everywhere during the Super Bowl," he said in a statement at the time. "With $10 million in free FanDuel bets on the line, I'm training every day to give fans something to root for and to watch the 'Kick of Destiny' live on national television."   

"Whether it's kick-off, a touchdown or an important play that will decide a season, FanDuel knows moments matter. Our first-ever Super Bowl commercial will be more than just a television spot – it will create a moment that will bring fans together, and give them something to collectively cheer for," FanDuel Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Sneyd said. "It's an unprecedented field goal attempt on live TV…so anything can happen."   

Gronkowski, 33, played for the New England Patriots from 2010-2018 and then joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2020-2021. In his career, Gronkoskiw was selected to the Pro Bowl five times, the All-Pro First Team four times and won four Super Bowls. When speaking to The Athletic this past week, Gronkowski talked about possibly signing a one-day contract with the Patriots. 

"If it was offered and presented, it would definitely be a possibility," he said. "I love New England. I loved my time there. I learned so much. I love Mr. Kraft. I love the whole organization, coach (Bill) Belichick, everyone. I've learned so much there over the nine years. If that was presented in my case, that would definitely be something to consider because of just how much that place means to me for the rest of my life."