Ravens' Marcus Peters Calls out 'Disrespectful' Rams

Marcus Peters is showing no love with his former team. The Baltimore Ravens cornerback recently appeared on the Catchin' Fades podcast with Aqib Talib and talked about what set him off in November 2019 when he got into a heated postgame verbal altercation with Jalen Ramsey of the Los Angeles Rams. Ramsey was acquired by the Rams shortly after they traded Peters to the Ravens.

"F— them," Peters said in a clip released Tuesday. "I felt disrespected. In the sense of, yeah, you can trade me. That's part of the business. But two minutes after that, you bring in another guy who do the same s— I do, maybe a little bit different. If we want to play this compare game, I do a little bit more. That s— was disrespectful to me."

The Rams traded Peters in October for linebacker Kenny Young and a fifth-round selection. Originally, Peterson said there were no hard feelings for being traded. However, after the Rams beat the Ravens in a Monday Night Football contest, Peters and Ramsey went after each other at the end of the game. Peters and Talib were teammates when they were in Los Angeles and talked about why they had a disappointing season.

"I don't think we was the problem [with the Rams]," Peters said Tuesday. "I don't think we were the issue that was holding the Rams back from taking the steps of where we needed to get to." The trade turned out to be good for Peters as he helped the Ravens post a 14-2 regular-season record and an appearance in the divisional round of the playoffs.


Before the end of the 2019 season, Peters signed a three-year, $42 million contract with the Ravens. He had a productive 2020 season, posting 46 tackles, four interceptions, nine passes defended, and his career's first sack.

Ramsey, 26, was traded to the Rams from the Jacksonville Jaguars. He reached the Pro Bowl during the 2019 season and did it again last year after tallying 44 tackles, one interception, and nine passes defended. Ramsey was also selected to the All-Pro First Team and led the Rams to the divisional round of the playoffs.