Pink's Husband Carey Hart Outlines Post-Pandemic Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people worldwide to go into lockdown and avoid traveling or spending time with others outside the immediate family. Pink's husband Carey Hart is among those remaining in quarantine, but he has big plans for when the coronavirus is no longer a significant concern. He is going to hit the open road on his Indian motorcycle.

Hart posted a series of photos on Instagram that showed him on a motorcycle trip with his friend. One image featured them sitting by a large fire and talking about random topics. Others showed them riding side-by-side on motorcycles. Hart used the photos to illustrate his goal of heading out on the open road and examining unexpected destinations in small towns.

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"Who's got cabin fever? Hang in there, everyone. This 2020 s— storm will pass. I'm looking forward to hitting the road on a cross country road trip. Staying in s—ty hotels, eating at greasy spoons, pulling up to a dive bar at the end of a long days ride, to talk s— w/ [Big B] over a glass of whiskey. Keep your head up everyone," Hart wrote in the caption of his Instagram post.

Hart and his friend, Big B, previously headed out on their motorcycles and explored portions of California. They took a trip to Joshua Tree and avoided large groups of people in the process. Although they still followed some recommended guidelines. Hart took a coronavirus test and received negative results before getting on the motorcycle.

The former motocross star did have to take a break from his riding for a while at the end of summer. He underwent surgery to repair his rotator cuff and had to take extra time to recover while conducting his rehab. Hart explained in multiple updates that he was not happy about the injury or the surgery, but he understood that he would come back stronger.


As he continued to provide updates about his recovery, Hart also revealed that he had an important goal. He wanted to get back out on the road. Hart posted a photo of his Indian Chieftain and his Indian Challenger sitting side-by-side in the garage. He said that the two motorcycles were "taunting" him due to being unable to ride them. Following his recovery, he can now enjoy the open road and plans to do so again after lockdown ends.