Pink's Husband Carey Hart Reveals Health Update After Shoulder Surgery

Former motocross star Carey Hart revealed on Aug. 24 that he had to undergo surgery to repair his rotator cuff. He explained that he was not happy about the surgery but knew it was important to come back stronger. According to a recent video on social media, Hart is well on his way to full recovery.

Hart posted an update on Instagram that showed his ongoing rehabilitation from the surgery. He stood against a wall and tried to move his left arm up. The process was not simple, and Hart had to use his right arm to help with the movement. Once he reached close to full extension, he remained in place with the arm resting against the wall. He later tried to inch his arm up to reach a little more extension.

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"Day 10 and I'm really happy w/ my progress. Dr said to start working on my movement and loosening up my shoulder. Not bad for 2nd day of using my arm! Actually starting to feel elements of normalcy. Lower body/core work out w/ 35 min high-intensity spin on the stationary bike. Hoping to get on my road bike next week [rock on emojis]. Have a great weekend, everyone!!!!!" Hart captioned his video on Instagram.

Getting back on his road bike is a priority for the former motocross star. Prior to showing off his improved mobility, Hart posted a photo of his Indian Chieftain and his Indian Challenger sitting side-by-side in the garage. He said that the two motorcycles are "taunting" him due to being unable to ride them.

Hart knew after undergoing surgery that he would have to wait for a considerable amount of time prior to getting back on his motorcycles. He provided an update on Friday and said that he had an estimated time period of five weeks. One day later, however, Hart expressed optimism about moving up the schedule by a significant amount.


Whether he is able to get back on the road bike remains to be seen, but Hart is working on his rehab. He is keeping active by taking 4.5-mile walks in the countryside, and he is also using his exercise bike. Once he recovers enough to get back in the saddle, he will head back out on the road with considerable excitement.