Paulina Gretzky Shows off Her Golf Swing While out With Dustin Johnson

Paulina Gretzky is looking like a golf pro in her latest social media post. This week, Gretzky went to her Instagram Stories to post a photo of her showing off her golf swing while hanging out with her fiance, Dustin Johnson. The post indicated that she was at The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida with Johnson, her brother, Tristan Gretzky, and her mother, Janet Gretzky.

In an interview with Golf Digest in 2014, Paulina Gretzky, 31, talked about how she was raised in a golf family despite her father being hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. "I didn't appreciate golf as much when I was little, probably because my mom put us in tennis camps and golf camps," she said. "My mom has a video of me when I was really young where I'm saying, 'Daddy, don't go play golf anymore.' I just wanted to spend time with him." Her growing up around golf was one of the reasons she was able to meet Johnson. The couple got engaged in 2013 and now have two children together.

Paulina Gretzky golf swing Dustin Johnson (1)
(Photo: Paulina Gretzky )

Gretzky received a lot of attention when she attended the Masters in Augusta, Georgia last month. "Sometimes I feel like a zoo animal out there," she said in the 2014 interview with Golf Digest. "People think I can't hear them—but I can definitely hear you," she said. " If anything, just come over and talk to me. I'm not someone people should be afraid of. Everyone is usually very sweet, and there hasn't been a bad moment for me. But I do feel more comfortable if I'm walking with someone. Of course sometimes I just want to watch Dustin play golf, and I hope people respect that. And you know what? They always do."

Gretzky is a big supporter of Johnson's career, and her support had paid dividends. Last month Johnson won the Masters for the first time in his career. It was also his second major championship with the first being the U.S. Open in 2016. Johnson also won the FedEx Cup Championship and was also named the 2020 PGA Tour Player of the Year.


"I'm sure a lot of you all think ... there were doubts in my mind, just because I had been there. I'm in this position a lot of times," Johnson said after winning the Masters. "When am I going to have the lead and finishing off a major? It definitely proved that I can do it.'