Patrick Mahomes' Fiancee Brittany Matthews Showers Fans With Champagne After Chiefs' Wild Playoff Win

Patrick Mahomes' fiancee Brittany Matthews enjoyed herself after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round of the playoffs Sunday and made sure everyone else enjoyed the fun. On her Twitter account, Matthews posted a video of her opening a bottle of champagne and spraying it on the fans sitting below her. And in the tweet, Matthews wrote "Oops." 

Because of how the game went down and ended, fans who were sitting in the area probably didn't mind being sprayed with champagne. In the final two minutes of regulation, the Chiefs and Bills scored a combined 25 points to send the game into overtime And in the first possession of overtime, Mahomes threw a touchdown pass to Tavis Kelce to secure the win. 

"I think it's 'We're going to go get in field-goal range.' That's all we could do in that moment is try to get in field-goal range," Mahomes told reporters when asked about the final 13 seconds of regulation, per 247Sports. "We had that belief that we were going to do it. You take it back to the year we lost the AFC Championship Game, we got into field-goal range in like 18 seconds or something like that. You have to have that belief. If you're not going to go down fighting then you don't deserve to be here. We knew that if we could just give ourselves a chance to give in Butker's field-goal range, he was going to knock it in and he did."  

Mahomes has led the Chiefs to the AFC Championship for the fourth consecutive season. The Chiefs are also the first team in NFL history to host a conference championship game in four straight years. 


"To be in this moment in this game against that team, to make a play to walk off a game at Arrowhead, I'll remember this game for the rest of my life," Mahomes said. "It was definitely special to win a game like this at Arrowhead. Obviously, the Super Bowl was probably number one for me, but this one is right up there. To be able to come back a couple of times, get points when we needed to get points, score touchdowns, get in field goal range, I'll remember it forever."