Paige Spiranac Sets Record Straight on Tom Brady Dating Rumors

Paige Spiranac is putting this rumor to bed. The 29-year-old golf influencer recently went to Instagram to answer questions from fans. And one of the questions asked was if she was dating Tom Brady after a fan on Twitter suggested she should date the 45-year-old quarterback. 

"So I've been getting this question [about dating Tom Brady] so much," said Paige on her Instagram Story on Tuesday evening, per GolfMagic. "I'll tell you how it happened... No, I'm not dating Tom Brady. I have never met him, I don't know him [laughs]. But this guy on Twitter put up a post saying Tom Brady is single and that he should date Paige for all these reasons."

Sprianac continued: "Then someone else jumped in, saying I met Paige once and she was really cool. Then someone else jumped in and he was like 'I played with Paige in a Pro-Am once and she was cool'. Then someone else said something, so I responded to all those people like 'wow, thank you so much.'"

The suggestion from the fan led to media outlets such as the New York Post speculating that Spiranac might be secretly dating Brady. "I'm like 'I don't even know him,'" Spiranac said. "Now Tom Brady is going to be like: 'You're crazy!' I didn't do anything, like nothing. It's just so crazy how rumors can get out of control over something that was so harmless. I even had a friend who was living in Tampa being like are you dating Tom Brady?! I'm like 'Noooo!'"

Brady recently divorced his wife Gisele Bündchen, and it has led to rumors about who he's dating next. The reality is Brady is focused on winning another Super Bowl before he ends his NFL career. So far this season, Brady has led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 6-6 record which is good enough for first place in the NFC South. Brady has never had a losing season in his NFL career and has only missed the playoffs twice, and one of the times was when he was injured the entire year. In his career, Brady has played in 10 Super Bowls and won seven of them.