Watch Paige Spiranac Hit Hole-in-One Alongside Gary Player

Paige Spiranac just hit a shot that she will never forget. The golf pro and social media star hit a hole-in-one in front of golf legend Gary Player at the Berenberg Invitational. She made the shot on a par-3, 14th hole at the GlenArbor Golf Club in New York and shared the video of the shot on her social media accounts. 

"Made a hole in one in front of legend Gary Player yesterday," Spiranac wrote on Instagram. "Coolest moment of my life!" Spiranac is known for her revealing posts on Instagram but still keeps up with the game despite not playing in a tournament since 2016. And with her hitting a hole-in-one in front of Player this week, one has to wonder if Spiranac would make a comeback? 

"Normally I would have events pretty much all summer, pro-ams, really anything like that," Spiranac said in an interview with Mile High Sports in June. "I'm playing at least three times a week now, shooting content – YouTube videos, Instagram, really anything I can get – and then I just play for fun, too. I usually choose to try to play for fun on a Monday or Tuesday with my friends. But golf season is year-round. I'm always playing. It never stops." 

Spiranac also talked about the issues with being on social media. "Anytime I'm honest about my anxiety or depression or mental health, those are the best posts because you get so many people reaching out and asking for help or just advice, or just connecting on such a deep level," she said. 


"And you don't see that on social media because social media is so superficial; it's fake. People only put out the good and it's not their real life. The ones that I want to take back are the ones that just don't hit right. When you try to make a joke on Twitter and it's taken the wrong way. Those are the ones that I probably want to rewrite. But I don't think I ever want to take anything back, because it all adds to the story. I don't just post things to post things; there's always a purpose or a meaning behind it."