Olympic Champion Katie Ledecky Teases Her 'Biggest Goal' for Tokyo Games (Exclusive)

Katie Ledecky is the most decorated female swimmer of all time. However, she is looking to solidify her legacy this summer at the Olympics in Tokyo. PopCulture.com recently caught up with the 24-year-old five-time Olympic gold medalist who teased her "biggest goal" heading into her third Olympics.

"I just hope to be the best version of myself," Ledecky said to PopCulture. She went on to say she wants to "represent team USA well, represent my family well, represent myself well, and I have personal goals for myself that I won't share, but you know, it's a really exciting time. The games are right around the corner, and so, really every choice that I make from here on out, from the razor that I use for a smooth shave, to the time that I put in the pool, to what I'm doing out of the pool. Whether that's sleeping well, eating, right, all those things are going to impact my ability to be the best that I can be. And that's my biggest goal, to walk away from the games knowing that I was the best version of myself, and that I couldn't have done any better."

Ledecky went on to say it's vital for her to have a smooth shave, which is why she has partnered with Bic and uses the Solei Sensitive Advance razor. "I'm really proud to be partnered with them and have really appreciated their support of my swimming, and of USA swimming, and of Simone Manuel, who's also partnered with Bic, and we're really just trying to instill confidence in everyone, and inspire as many people as we can through this partnership, and shaving is an important part of any swimmer's routine, and so it's really great to have such a great razor, the Bic Solei Sensitive Advanced razor, to bring with me to the games this summer," Ledecky said. "And really, it gives me the confidence that I can be at my very best by doing all the little things right."

Ledecky will enter the Olympics with a lot of momentum. On the final day of the TY Pro Swim Series on April 11, Ledecky finished first at the 1500m freestyle in such dominant fashion, she waited at the finish by herself for 26 seconds. It's hard not to see Ledecky leave Tokyo with multiple gold medals.


"I'm pretty sure my family had no idea that I would ultimately become an Olympian and world champion, a world record holder, any of it," Ledecky said when talking about her love for swimming. "I really did not have that goal when I first started swimming, I really had no idea how to qualify for any of those top meets. It was just a step-by-step, gradual process of qualifying for bigger and bigger meets. And at some point the Olympic trials were there, it was the next meet on that stepping stone. So it's been an exciting journey."