O.J. Simpson Wears Mask in Odd Coronavirus Photo at Costco

With the COVID-19 virus, AKA coronavirus, becoming a concern among residents of the United States, there has been a run on essential items. Citizens have stocked up on toilet paper, bottled water, and dry goods in preparation for potential shortages. Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson is among those that have stocked up, which he showed with a photo from Costco.

Simpson posted an image on Twitter that showed him pushing a cart outside of the popular bulk shopping warehouse. He had a mass amount of bottled water, paper towels, toilet paper and disposable cups. He was also wearing an air filtration mask.

"Coronavirus? Who's afraid?" Simpson asked in the caption of his tweet. There were a considerable number of responses to this question, including several that referenced Simpson's past legal cases.

"Oj be careful, this outbreak is a killer!!" one fan wrote in the comments section. There were several other joking references to white Ford Broncos, ill-fitting gloves, and other details from Simpson's 1995 trial for the alleged murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

While the focus of the responses was to joke about Simpson and past allegations against him, there were others simply confused about his shopping habits. Several users asked why he was stocking up on paper cups, bottled water, and paper towels. They also wondered why he was wearing a filtration mask in public.

"Everyone stocking up on can goods. OJ stocks up on &%*@$!# cups," another Twitter user wrote. They were a little confused by the package of disposable cups on Simpson's cart and didn't understand why the correlation.

With the rising concerns in the United States over coronavirus, there have been several events canceled. The annual music, film, and interactive festival in Austin, SXSW, was recently preemptively canceled due to health and safety concerns. Similarly, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco was scheduled for mid-March, but it was also canceled.

The spring and summer periods are filled with conferences and festivals, but there are many concerns about potential cancellations due to coronavirus. The annual E3 video game trade event is still scheduled for June, but it, too, could be canceled.


Simpson is not as concerned about any cancellations of industry events and festivals, but he is focused on filling his house with needed items. The former NFL player will not be left without paper towels, toilet paper or bottled water.

(Photo Credit: Getty)