Odell Beckam Jr. Responds to Bizarre Sexual Fetish Rumor

Odell Beckham had to set the record straight about a wild rumor concerning him having a certain sexual fetish. On the podcast Thots Next Door, Instagram personality Slim Danger shared some details about Beckham's bedroom tendencies, which can be heard here. When Beckham saw he was trending on social media, he had the perfect response.

"Can't knock me off my pivot… no matter what s— thrown my way," he wrote on Instagram while posting a photo of him at practice. Of course, there were a ton of comments on his Instagram page as well as a ton of responses to the rumor on Twitter. Beckham will likely never speak on the rumors publicly (or privately), so social media can only wonder if it's true or a fabrication. In the meantime, Beckham is getting ready for the 2020 season as the Cleveland Browns will face the Baltimore Ravens in the season opener on Sunday. In July, Beckham joined a roundtable that featured Victor Cutz, Cam Newton and Todd Gurley, and he talked about how he came close to retiring from the NFL when he was with the New York Giants.

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"I thought about not playing no more. Like, this is not really it for me," Beckham said when talking about a season-ending ankle injury he suffered which led to him missing 11 games. "I said this in college, I said, 'I fear the day that they make this game a business and not what I love.' I thought about not playing no more ... they've ruined the game of football for me a little bit." In August, there were rumors of Beckham opting out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Obviously, with everything that's going on, it doesn't make sense why we're trying to do this," Beckham said to the Wall Street Journal. He then went on to say the season is going on because the owners are trying to make money. "And that bothers me because there's always been this — and I hate saying it like that — but the owners' [attitude is], 'Oh we own you guys,' and just kind of that unfairness going on that they don't see us as human," he stated. Beckham is looking to have a bounce-back season after having a somewhat disappointing 2019 year. In his first season with the Browns, Beckham caught 74 passes for 1,005 yards and four touchdowns.