Oakland Raiders Plan to Suspend Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown

The Oakland Raiders have had enough of Antonio Brown's antics and they are planning to suspend the [...]

The Oakland Raiders have had enough of Antonio Brown's antics and they are planning to suspend the star wide receiver according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. It's not known how long the Raiders will suspend Brown, but this comes on the heels of him calling out the team for fining him over $53,000 for missing practices.

"Antonio Brown and GM Mike Mayock got into it Wednesday, and the team is now planning to suspend its star wide receiver, league sources tell ESPN," Adam Schefter wrote on Twitter.

It has not been a great offseason for Brown. From the issues with his feet to the issues with his helmet, Raiders GM Mike Mayock has had enough.

"You all know that AB is not here today, right? So, here's the bottom line – he's upset about the helmet issue," Mayock said last month when talking about Brown not being at practice. "We have supported that, we appreciate that. But at this point, we've pretty much exhausted all avenues of relief. So, from our perspective, it's time for him to be all in, or all out, OK? So, we're hoping he's back soon. We've got 89 guys busting their tails, we are really excited about where this franchise is going and we hope AB's going to be a big part of it, starting Week 1 against Denver. End of story. No questions, OK? Just wanted you guys to know where we were. Fair?"

Along with Brown's drama with the Raiders, he also attacked his former teammate, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a recent interview with Michele Tafoya, Rothlisberger said he shouldn't have called out Brown after he threw an interception at the of the game against the Denver Broncos last season.

"It ruined a friendship," Roethlisberger said. "I wish I wouldn't have done it."

When Brown saw this on Twitter, he fired back and said, "Never friends just had to get my ends.......shut up already."

Brown has been one of the top wide receivers in the NFL for the last six seasons. He has been named to the Pro Bowl seven times, he's been selected to the All-Pro First Team four times and he's led the NFL in receptions and receiving yards twice. In 2018, Brown finished the year with 104 receptions for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns which led the NFL.