Nikki and Brie Bella Give Update on Their Mother Kathy Following Brain Surgery

Nikki and Brie Bella just revealed good news about their mom, Kathy Laurinaitis, who recently had brain surgery. The sisters gave an update on their mom's health on The Bellas Podcast, and she's on the road to recovery. Laurinaitis had surgery on June 30.

"It's been so nice just to see our mom be our mom again," Brie said via Entertainment Tonight. "We're just so happy that she has light at the end of the tunnel." The Bellas revealed that the thought was their mom was suffering from Bell's Palsy after experiencing paralysis on one side of her face earlier this year. Her health got worse, which led to her going to the hospital and discovering she had a tumor "as big as a blueberry" on her brain stem.

"It was sticking out of her brain stem and it was starting to hit nerves," Nikki said. "It was growing rapidly." Laurinaitis then went into surgery for seven hours and it was a complete success as Nikki mentioned on social media earlier this month. Nikki and Brie's mom is now looking at a recovery window of six months to a year.

"Can't thank you all enough for your prayers, love, light and beautiful words!" Nikki wrote on Instagram. "Can't wait for my Mom to see how loved she is. It's going to mean the world to her. Now prayers for her recovery! And thank you to the surgeons who took such incredible care of her. Can't thank you all enough! Feeling very blessed and grateful right now. So relieved and happy." On Thursday, Nikki posted a photo of all three together at the hospital and revealed her mom is improving every day.


"Have had two amazing visits with my Mom," Nikki wrote. "Her balance and walking has gotten better. Her speech has gotten better. Even though her face hasn't yet, with all of your love, support and prayers you have given her so much hope and strength to have a full recovery! I can't ever thank you all enough for that!! As Nikki and Brie's mom recovers, both are getting ready to welcome new editions to the world. Nikki and Brie and both pregnant and due sometime this year. This will be Nikki's first child with Dancing with the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev while Brie will welcome her second with her husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.