Nikki Bella Reveals the Current WWE Superstar She Wants to Face (Exclusive)

Nikki Bella is planning to have another run in WWE after competing in the Royal Rumble match with her sister Brie Bella earlier this year. But if Nikki Bella has a singles run with the company, who would she love to face? In an exclusive interview with, Bella revealed the one WWE Superstar she wants to get in the ring with first. 

"If it was going to be an individual run or even a run that was very, with Brie, that was very similar to Ronda [Rousey], it would be Becky Lynch," Bella exclusively told PopCulture. "I think we can have an amazing story and create magic in the ring. Her and Brie have incredible chemistry in the ring and Becky and I never got that chance. So she's someone that I would definitely love to have the opportunity with."   

Bella also revealed who she and Brie want to face as a tag team. "With Brie and I both, I love the upcoming stars like Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley," she said. "Those are two that I've gravitated towards so much. And then I look at Liv [Morgan], who's grown so much in that ring. So now when I've seen Liv and Rhea start to tag team, I'm like, hmm. And we have a lot of chemistry and a lot of history with Liv so... See, this is the life of a WWE superstar and professional."

If the Bella Twins returned as a team, they will likely go after the Women's Tag Team Championship since it's vacant after Sasha Banks and Naomi relinquished the titles after walking out of a live WWE Raw show. Nikki and Brie Bella, two WWE Hall of Famers, were very popular among the fans during their time with the company and would give WWE a big boost when they return. And fans would love a match between Nikki Bella and Lynch as both had memorable careers in WWE. 

"You just always are creating storylines in your head," Bella said. "They never go away. I'll ask other people, 'Do you guys always go on the treadmill and create stories of what you saw Raw and SmackDown the other night?' And they're like, 'Yeah.' I'm like, 'Okay, I'm not alone because this is what I do.' But those definitely would be my favorite people to get in. And Becky, I just thought we could do something extremely meaningful, something that would make people be like... We could make it personal, which I think is always fun."