NFL 'Found No Evidence' of Mason Rudolph Saying Racial Slur to Myles Garrett During Helmet Attack

The NFL has upheld Myles Garrett's indefinite suspension which means he will miss the rest of the 2019 season due to his helmet attack on Mason Rudolph. During his appeal hearing, Garrett claimed the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback used a racial slur during the fight. However, the NFL announced they didn't find any evidence to support the claim. NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said, We looked into it and found no such evidence."

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk mentioned that with the number of microphones on the field, the NFL had a way to investigate Garrett's claim. Also, teams are required to two of their offensive lineman to wear a small microphone on their shoulder pads. Smith also mentioned the league should make the audio from the game available to the public so everyone can hear if Rudolph said anything to Garrett.

Rudolph didn't speak to the media about the claim, but he did release a statement through the team.

"Mason vehemently denies the report of being accused of using a racial slur during the incident Thursday night in Cleveland," Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten said in a statement. "He will not discuss this accusation any further and his focus remains on preparation for Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals."

Rudolph did speak to reporters on Wednesday and he said, he should have handled the situation differently. However, he also said he didn't say anything to provoke the Cleveland Browns defensive end.

"I should've done a better job handling that situation," Rudolph said. "I have no ill will towards Myles Garrett. Great respect for his ability as a player. And I know that if Myles could go back, he would handle the situation differently.

"As for my involvement last week, there's no acceptable excuse. The bottom line is I should've done a better job keeping my composure in that situation and [not] fall short of what I believe it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler and a member of the NFL."


It has been reported that Rudolph will be fined for the fight along with other players. And along with his suspension, Garrett has been fined $45,623. This is a big loss for the Browns as they look to reach the postseason for the first time in 17 years. Garrett is one of the top pass rushers in the NFL, posting 10 sacks and 11 tackles for loss in 10 games this year.