NFL Allows Big Uniform Change for All Teams in 2022

NFL teams will be able to make one big change to their uniform in 2022. On Thursday, the NFL sent a memo to clubs announcing it will allow teams to wear two different helmets, according to Tom Pelisserio of the NFL Network and Pro Football Talk. Originally, the NFL allowed teams to wear only one helmet due to safety reasons.

The new rule allows teams to use a second (alternate color) helmet that's approved by the league. The helmet can be paired with their alternate, classic or color rush uniforms. However, these guidelines have to be met, per "Clubs must obtain an entire new set of alternate color helmets for all players. Alternate color helmets must be the same make, model and size as the applicable player's primary helmet. Alternate color helmets must be made available to all players at the start of training camp and should be fit at the same time as the primary helmet. Alternate color helmets must be worn in practice at a minimum during the week leading up to the game in which they will be used."

The deadline for teams to inform the NFL office of their intent to use an alternate helmet in 2022 is July 31, 2021. mentions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could bring back their creamsicle throwback helmet while the New England Patriots could bring back Pat Patriot which was seen in the 1980s.

This move comes two months after the league allowed players to be more flexible with their jersey numbers. The rules allow quarterbacks, punters and placekickers to wear 1-19. Running backs, full backs tight ends, H-backs and wide receivers can wear 1-49 and 80-89. Offensive linemen can wear 50-79, while defensive linemen can wear 50-79 and 90-99. As for linebackers, they can wear 1-59 and 90-99.


That rule didn't sit well with Tom Brady. "Good luck trying to block the right people now!" Brady wrote in his Instagram Story. "Going to make for a lot of bad football!" Brady then posted a screen capture of a story about the rule and sent a message to the NFL and NFL Players Association. Why not let the Lineman wear whatever they want too? Why have numbers? Just have colored jerseys...why not wear the same number?...DUMB."