Watch New York Jets QB Sam Darnold Admit to 'Seeing Ghosts' in Game Against New England Patriots

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold might have to call the Ghostbusters after what he went through on Monday night. While being mic'd up for the game against the New England Patriots, Darnold said he was "seeing ghosts." He didn't see the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but the Patriots defense gave him nightmares, throwing four interceptions and recording a 3.6 passer rating in a 33-0 loss.

After the game, Darnold explained why he said he was "seeing ghosts" .

"I just gotta see the field a lot better," Darnold said per ESPN. "That's kinda what that means. It was a rough day out there, rough night out there, and obviously I gotta be better and learn from the mistakes. But we will get better."

Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy heard about Darnold's comment and he almost couldn't believe it.

"That's crazy for him to say that. That makes it real, you know what I'm saying? That's crazy. ... I think it's just a testament to how well we're playing, to be honest. And we played really well tonight, he said."

Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower was also asked about the comment from Darnold and he said it was "very humbling."

"It feels good," he continued. "Whenever you can have fun with something like that and continue to build on it, it's cool. I think that's pretty dope."

Plenty of people commented on Darnold's quote. ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky said, "I actually like this outta Sam. And he's right. And it's because of NE, not himself...sounds bad, but it's a reality for QBs." Will Brinson of CBS Sports responded, "For sure. Just sucks that he was mic'd up when he said it and they ran it on the broadcast."


The Patriots defense may not be ghosts, but the group is playing good football right now to the point that it's scary. In seven games, the Patriots have only allowed 6.9 points per contest which ranks first in the NFL. In fact, there isn't another team in the league that is averaging in the single digits when it comes to points allowed per contest.

As for Darnold, he missed three games earlier this because he was suffering from Mono. He returned to action on October 13 when the Jets faced the Dallas Cowboys.