Monster Jam Events Still Going Strong Amidst Pandemic

Various sports are beginning to slowly bring fans back amid the distribution of the COVID-19 [...]

Various sports are beginning to slowly bring fans back amid the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines. The return is taking place after coronavirus-altered seasons, but there is one sport that has been moving forward in 2021. Monster Jam has held several events with only a few postponements — although fan attendance has changed considerably due to health and safety concerns posed by the coronavirus.

The Monster Jam schedule features several high-profile events in the coming months. The drivers will head to Arlington, Texas, on Saturday for two days of jumps and impressive vehicular maneuvers at AT&T Stadium. The season will then continue with trips to South Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, and Mississippi before returning to Texas for a special San Antonio event. The schedule is incomplete given that events in Michigan, Ohio, and Washington moved to a later date due to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Monster Jam canceled events in Massachusetts and Nevada.

Similar to NASCAR races and other sporting events, Monster Jam has strict regulations for fans heading to the various arenas. For example, there is pod seating, which must be shared by people who have chosen to attend the event together. Sitting outside the respective pods is not allowed, and all seats within the pods must be purchased at one time.

Additionally, Monster Jam fans are required to wear face-covering during the event. The only time they can remove the covering is when they are actively eating or drinking. Interactions with drivers via autograph sessions, a long-running tradition of the events, will not take place due to potential coronavirus risks.

While Monster Jam has been holding events in 2021, the sport did go on hiatus in 2020. There were several events that did not take place due to the coronavirus, but Monster Jam did ultimately return with a trip to Arlington. The monster trucks and their drivers headed to the home of the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 24 and 25 while upping the excitement level among fans.

This return from hiatus featured the first-ever battle between the three Anderson siblings in the same Monster Jam event. Krysten drove the iconic Grave Digger while fan-favorite Adam got behind the wheel of the shark-themed Megalodon. Finally, Ryan drove Bakugan Dragonoid in a very special, limited appearance.