'Monday Night Football': Why Peyton and Eli Manning Won't Appear on Week 9 of 'Manningcast'

Week 9 and Monday Night Football is tonight, and the Chicago Bears will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the question is will Peyton Manning and Eli Manning have their alternate broadcast of the game on ESPN 2? The Manning brothers will not have their Manningcast tonight as they are not scheduled to broadcast the game. As for when they'll be back, that is not clear as ESPN and the Manning brothers have not announced the rest of this season's schedule. 

The Mannings plan to broadcast 10 out of the 17 Monday Night Football games this year. So far, the duo has broadcasted five of the first nine games. Peyton and Eli signed a three-year contract to broadcast games on Monday Night Football with Peyton & Eli. They have received positive reviews for their analysis and guests. 

As for tonight's game, the Bears (3-5) are looking to stay in the NFC playoff race. They have lost their last three games, including a 33-22 defeat against the San Francisco 49ers last week. One of the issues the Bears have is they are giving up too many big plays on defense, and defensive coordinator Sean Desai is taking the blame for it. 

"It wasn't a good day, and I would take it a step further: really, we played 11 minutes of bad football in the second half," Desai said, per the team's official website. "That starts with me and it's going to end with me. The players know where they're accountable and where they can execute better. I know where I'm accountable and I can execute better, and the staff does as well. We will be better than that. That's our worst 11 minutes of football that we've played this year."

The Steelers (4-3) are just one game out of the NFC North lead and would make the playoffs if it started today. After losing three straight games, the Steelers have won their last three, including a 15-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns last week. They now looking to make it four-in-a-row against the Bears and their rookie quarterback Justin Fields. 

"I'd imagine everybody has a pretty good record vs. rookie quarterbacks," Tomlin said from the Steelers official website. "That's the challenge of this business in this game at this level. I don't read too much into it. I've got a lot of respect for Justin Fields and his talents. We scouted him big-time when he came out, and we're singularly focused on that."