Mike Trout to Miss Remainder of 2019 Season Due to Foot Surgery

Baseball superstar Mike Trout will not be able to play the rest of the 2019 season. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Angels outfielder announced he will need surgery on his foot which means he will not be able to play the remaining games on the team's schedule.

"I kind of knew when I first got my MRI a few weeks ago that I would probably need surgery at the end of the year to get it removed," Trout said Sunday via Fox News. "Just got worse. We tried everything. The training staff has been awesome. Some days it would feel good. Some days, once the thing cleared up, it was tough to walk."

Trout is scheduled to have the surgery later this week. He's currently with the team in New York as they take on the Yankees. He will fly back to Los Angeles on Thursday.

The reason Trout is having surgery on his foot because he has Morton's neuroma, which is "a thickening of tissue around a nerve leading to toes that causes pain."

"It just didn't get better," Trout said. "It's been that way for a couple weeks. We tried injections, tried the cryoablation (cold fluid) — thought that would help. As soon as I went out there and started running, it flares up. After it clears up, in about 30-40 minutes it's tough to walk on."

One reason Trout is having the surgery now is the fact the Angels are out of the playoff race. They are currently 68-82 as of Monday morning and if the Angels were in the playoff race, Trout said he would be playing.

"Oh yeah, for sure. Obviously, if we were in a playoff race, we would try to be out there, even if DH-ing, or whatever I could do to help the team win," he said.


Even though Trout won't be able to finish the 2019 season, he still have a very strong year, recording a .291 batting average, hitting 45 home runs and driving in 104 runs. His 45 homers lead the American League and he also leads the AL in OPS with 1.083.

Trout was selected by the Angels No. 25 overall in the 2009 draft. In his career, the New Jersey native has won the AL MVP award twice and he has been named an All-Star eight times. For his career, Trout has batting average of .305 and has 285 home runs.