Mike Fisher Gets in Sweaty Workout With Wife Carrie Underwood: 'Pinkies Up'

Former Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher is not playing in the NHL anymore, but he is continuing to work hard and remain in tiptop shape. His wife, country star Carrie Underwood, recently showed this with videos on her Instagram Stories. The clips showcased a very sweaty Fisher after a workout, as well as his "unique" method of drinking water.

Underwood posted multiple videos on social media that showed Fisher before and after his workout. The first showed him hydrating properly in preparation for the grueling work — although Underwood mostly laughed that he was drinking with his pinky up in the air. She later posted a video of him after the workout, drenched in sweat and talking about the day's routine being hard. Underwood did not detail the workout, but viewers noticed that it involved a heavy dumbbell.

(Photo: Carrie Underwood)

Fisher has regularly taken part in workouts with Underwood since the launch of fit52. The country star created the app with trainer Eve Overland and has been putting Fisher through the various workouts. She has documented many of these moments on Instagram, posting photos of Fisher worn out and lying on the ground. Although Underwood did also clarify that Fisher is also keeping her accountable on her fitness journey.

While the workouts just started as a way to keep in shape and keep his wife accountable, Fisher has now taken on a larger role. Underwood announced on Aug. 4 that the former Nashville Predators star is taking on a larger role with the program. Fisher is now one of the fit52 trainers, and he has his own special program, Mike's Path, that hockey fans and casual fans can follow while trying to improve their fitness levels.

"We have a new trainer in town! He is strong, handsome," Underwood said in her announcement video. "He is a former professional athlete. He is my husband! His name is Mike Fisher, and he's gonna be working out with us now on the fit52 app. He's gonna have his own path, Mike's Path, and I can't wait for you guys to try it.


"This is super exciting news," Underwood continued. "He has been working out with me, basically since the beginning of fit52's conception, and I was super excited and surprised at how much he loved doing the app with me. So, here we go, you didn't ask for it, but you got it. Mike's Path coming soon."