Michael B. Jordan Recreates Odell Beckham's One-Handed Catch With Eli Manning

Michael B. Jordan put his football skills to the test with a two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. The Creed III star recently appeared on The Eli Manning Show to promote the upcoming movie as well as catch passes from Manning. Jordan, who grew up a Giants fan, got his own custom jersey, and Manning challenged him to recreate the Odell Beckham Jr. catch from 2014 which became one of the best catches in NFL history. 

"You've obviously played a boxer, you've played a football player, but that's acting," Manning said, per CBS Sports. "We gotta see if it's the real thing. We gotta see if it translates to the field. Can you go out there and make these plays?"  Manning threw a deep pass to Jordan who made the catch while diving on the crash mats. Jordan caught the pass with two hands, but it was still an impressive catch. 

"This is a dream come true to be on the field with you two reliving and remaking these plays," Jordan told Manning and former Giants center Shaun O'Hara. "I'm gonna take this with me for the rest of my life." Jordan, 36, is no stranger to football as he played star high school quarterback Vince Howard in the NBC series Friday Night Lights from 2009-2011. Since then, Jordan's career has been on the rise, and Creed III will be his directorial debut. 

"I've been blessed to work with a lot of incredible directors, and having a lot of guidance and mentors and people that I look up to and aspire to quietly watching and putting together these decks and folders and things that I want to try over quite some time now," Jordan told reporters after the first Creed III trailer was released in October. "So I was just kind of waiting for the right opportunity to step up and get behind the camera. And this was the one for me."

Jordan also talked about the one thing he was nervous about when telling the story. "I was most nervous that the experience I was trying to tell, cuz it was coming from, a lot of it was pulling from my own personal experience, you know, and other people that were close to me that I knew as well," he said. "I was nervous about it, connecting with people. I was nervous, you know, in my own head. You know, you're creating and developing things and you're working with the writer and stuff."