Mavericks Star Boban Marjanovic Shows off Time at the Zoo During 'Cheat Day' Episode

Dallas Mavericks player Boban Marjanovic just put his time away from the basketball court on full [...]

Dallas Mavericks player Boban Marjanovic just put his time away from the basketball court on full display. He took part in a new series from DEVOUR Frozen Foods and Team Whistle, Cheat Day, that highlights athletes and their days off. He headed to the zoo and learned about animals and what they eat.

"[What does] Cheat Day mean to me?" Marjanovic asked in the video. "Enjoy the moment. I like to do some stuff that I can not do often on regular days. Of course, searching for something new." The Mavericks' star then went to enjoy a day at the Dallas Zoo. He learned about lions and chimpanzees, as well as what the animals eat daily.

As Marjanovic learned, the chimps are like humans in that they also have days to eat cheat meals. They usually rely on fruits and vegetables, but they occasionally get special treats. The list of items includes peanut butter, jelly and sweet foods.

The 7-foot-4-inch NBA player has been in the league since 2015, playing for multiple teams. However, he has also thought about other sports that he could pursue if he wasn't playing for Mark Cuban's team. He specifically mentioned tennis as the top option but also said that volleyball, handball and soccer would be entertaining.

Marjanovic now has time to enjoy the zoo and other locations during the NBA offseason, which he started in late August. The Mavericks were one of several teams to head to Orlando for the season restart, ultimately securing a spot in the playoffs. However, the team had an early exit after losing to the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Marjanovic is the second NBA star to appear in Cheat Day, following Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks. The series will continue and feature several other prominent athletes. The list includes Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles and several other unnamed stars from the NFL, NBA and more. According to a press release, stars will show their off days and some of their favorite cheat foods.

"We've all spent a lot more time at home lately, and we're excited to take our viewers inside a day in the life of their favorite athletes while they're off the court," said Joe Caporoso, EVP of Content and Brand Platforms at Team Whistle, in a press release. "We've got an all-star cast lined up for Cheat Day and viewers will see how their favorite athletes really spend their downtime between seasons and games."