Hawks' Trae Young Provides Look Into His Day Off During Devour's 'Cheat Day' Series

Trae Young just finished the second season of his NBA career and earned a spot in the All-Star [...]

Trae Young just finished the second season of his NBA career and earned a spot in the All-Star Game. Now he is putting his time away from the court on display. He took part in a new series from DEVOUR Frozen Foods and Team Whistle, Cheat Day, that highlights athletes and their days off.

Young's episode showcases his "cheat day" at his home in Norman, Oklahoma. He showed off his black McLaren 720s before talking about his dogs, playing video games and his favorite meals. As Young explained, his day starts with waffles, eggs, bacon and fruit before some games of pool. He also admitted to eating chocolate chip cookies while driving with the top down in his McLaren.

"If I wasn't a basketball player..." Young said while waiting for his dinner to cook. "I used to be really good at drawing, so I'd probably be an artist. He also faced questions about vacation destinations, superpowers and enjoying cheat days with his teammates.

Young is the first star to take part in the series, and he will set the stage for several upcoming episodes. Future iterations will feature Boban Marjanovic of the Dallas Mavericks, Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles and several other unnamed stars from the NFL, NBA and more. According to a press release, stars will show their off days and some of their favorite cheat foods.

"We've all spent a lot more time at home lately, and we're excited to take our viewers inside a day in the life of their favorite athletes while they're off the court," said Joe Caporoso, EVP of Content and Brand Platforms at Team Whistle, in a press release. "We've got an all-star cast lined up for Cheat Day and viewers will see how their favorite athletes really spend their downtime between seasons and games."

While Young and the Hawks did not head to the Orlando bubble for the season restart, the team did take part in a different quarantine situation. The players began voluntary workouts in late September following a series of testing. Young, John Collins, Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter, De'Andre Hunter and Clint Capela, among others are staying in a local hotel and participating in workouts at the team facility.

The workouts took part over two weeks and provided an opportunity for the players to build chemistry together. They only had brief periods to practice on the court and had to wear masks most of the time. The players still embraced the opportunity considering that they had not worked together since the season came to a halt on March 11.