Matthew Stafford Trade: Kelly Stafford Responds to Blockbuster Deal, Move to California

Saturday night, the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams agreed to a blockbuster trade that will send Matthew Stafford to California. One day later, the quarterback's wife, Kelly Stafford, responded to the big news. She expressed excitement about the sunsets in her future.

Kelly posted multiple photos on her Instagram Stories reacting to the trade. The first showed Stafford wearing a Rams jersey, along with the caption of "Let's go. She then posted a video showing Stafford holding two of their children while looking at a gorgeous sunset. "Pretty excited about all of the Cali sunsets in our future," Kelly wrote.

When news surfaced that the Lions and Stafford had mutually agreed to part ways ahead of yet another rebuilding season, Kelly responded with a heartfelt post to the community. She posted a photo showing her and her husband embracing and thanked the fans for all of the support over the years.

"Thank you. This place, our home, the people... it's hard to find the words to explain what this place means to me," Kelly wrote on Instagram. "Random tears come very often when I think about not being here." She continued and talked about how she would continue to enjoy her remaining time in the northern state.

"This place supported me during the toughest time of my life and during the happiest times and I want to thank y'all in the right way," Kelly continued. "Whenever I figure out what the future holds, you'll be hearing from me again with a thank you that hopefully shows how much gratitude and love I have for this place.. but until then we are going to enjoy our time left in Michigan to the fullest because there really is no other place like it."


In addition to looking ahead to the sunsets, the Staffords' also put their Michigan home back on the market. They previously listed the Bloomfield Township mansion for $6.5 million last spring, sparking rumors about a potential exit from the Detroit Lions. However, the couple responded and said that they only wanted to get away from the water due to having young children in the household. Now the home is back on the market.

While Kelly is excited about the move to California and the sunsets in her future, she will have to wait for a few weeks before fully embracing her husband's new team. The trade can not become official until March 17 when the new league year begins. Until that day, they can only respond to the agreed-upon deal.